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"ken Dry Cleaners does an excellent job with both my laundry and dry cleaning. My clothing is always returned when promised."

Paul van Zyl

"In the 16 years of doing business with Ken Dry Cleaners and I have never had one bad experience. Keep up the great work!"

Pam Black - Celebration House

"I have been a Ken Dry Cleaners customer for over 12 years. Carlos and the team are always polite, cheerful and helpful. There have been numerous times that I have left money in my pants pockets which has always been returned to me."

Foula - Wedding Box

"Ken Dry Cleaners does an outstanding job for us. They are extremely knowledgeable and courteous, as well as accommodating. Varsity is without a doubt the best dry cleaning service that our family has ever encountered. "

Len Joucum - Remington's Suit Hire