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Green & Eco Dry Cleaning

Ken Dry Cleaners will soon be offering Eco Friendly / Green Dry Cleaning Services throughout the Western Cape and South Africa.

Carlos Rodrigues
, the owner of Ken Dry Cleaners has just returned from the annual "Dry CLeaning Expo" in Germany, bringing down ideas and processes on converting and adding the new technology.

What is Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning / Green Dry Cleaning
The patented GreenEarth process is a breakthrough technology that cleans better and is environmentally friendly. Plus, clothes look and feel better... Really soft and smooth! GreenEarth is so gentle on fabrics, it helps garments last longer. Even garments you wouldn.t have dreamed of drycleaning can now be cleaned with the gentle GreenEarth process.

Benefits of Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning / Green Dry Cleaning

  • Cleans Better
  • Gentler on Fabrics
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Helps Garments Last Longer

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